I am a girl who moved to the US five years ago in the search of something that I couldn’t find or explain while living in Transylvania. Moving across the ocean and leaving everything familiar behind made me realize couple of things about myself: I am a fast learner. I am adventurous. I am indecisive. I am a complainer. I love to cook. I love to bake. I love to read. I love to garden. I am a lover of people who love me and make me feel good. I am terrified of driving and getting lost. I am often insecure. I am missing Transylvania and my family a lot. I feel I am super lucky to live in Berkeley, be married to an amazing man and be able to pursue my education. I really want to go to Japan and Spain. I love cherries and seasonal fruits and vegetables. I am inspired by my mom and two grandmothers, who taught me how to cook and how to love food and being in the kitchen. I love them with all my heart 🙂

That would be me 🙂

Enjoy the site, cook, eat, come back for more and please leave me comments ! They make my day. they really do!




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