Yes, I know, tomorrow I have a monster midterm and the day after tomorrow I have another one, I know all about that. And I am studying. I am. For shizzle :)But. But today is sunday, and it is sunny, and it is oh so very beautiful outside and the air smells so very much like autumn and the whole wide word is beautiful  –  so we went for a long bike ride with Dan the Man. And it was fabulous! Berkeley is so great: you just ride ride ride your bike and then suddenly there is this huge and fantastic street fair all along College Avenue with the millions of great food tents and shops and music and all that! And one thing is for sure: we love some good tasty street food and some mindless wondering around with some street beer 🙂

Here we are leaving our house and I am taking pics of D on his bike with one hand and trying to not drive my bike into some parked hands with the other 🙂

And then D got the phone in one of his hands and:

Do you see that silvery shiny new basket on my bike? Thats new! and I am in love with it 🙂

and than we get to the fair and we get over excited and cant decide what to eat 🙂 typical.So we get a hamburger from one stand and a pulled pork sandwich from another and chipotle-butter-lime roasted corn from a third and beer from a forth. and then we eat and we do our silly faces and take our childish pictures. Hip hip hooray 🙂
And then we walk some more and hug some more because walking and hugging is fun and we get a tiny red velvet cupcake because eating a red velvet cupcake for dessert is important 🙂 right?

sorry cupcake!

how about my Hello kitty bandaid?

and then we biked home

the end and keep your fingers crossed for me for that meanie midterm please :)))))