Many of you have been asking for pictures and description of the new place where we live, of the campus where I am happily biking every single day now and about the whole new Berkeley experience. I have to say, Berkeley is the best place so far where i ever lived. Berkeley is sunny. Is small and bikeable ( did i just make that word up?) The people are nice, friendly and super welcoming, the restaurants are so good and there are so many of them ! It is a whole new world. I am planning on writing a weekly restaurant review post very soon, I am figuring out how to do it right now. But I do want to write and post pictures about our eats in this magical foodie town! For today though, while all of you are eating mouthwatering BBQ out there and drinking tons of alcohol and celebrating this awesome Monday off holiday; and for those of you who are not Labor Day-ing, today I have Uc Berkeley campus pictures. A lot of them. Enjoy šŸ™‚

Well, now you know how the Berkeley Campus looks like!

If you want to know how it feels like come and visit and I promise after showing you around I’ll take you out for the most delicious dinner too!

Happy Labor Day!