Now that I am back to my normal self, I am eating again and permitting myself to look at my favorite food blog pictures I am ready to write about what we just did in the past couple of days. Ladies and gentleman: Dan and I did a Juice Cleanse. Not kidding. I got very inspired by Tracy at Shutterbean ( who just did a Cleanse, so I started to do research, we ordered a juicer, we bought crazy amounts of fruit and vegetables and with high hopes started juicing! What was our goal? First of all we wanted to try it. Many friends of ours have done juicing, many of them recommended it to us, but it just never seemed like a smart idea to give up coffee and sashimi and Shanghai Soup Dumplings or thin crust pizza. But now our bodies called for DETOX! We decided to do the cleanse Friday morning, ordered a juicer that day thinking that we have another week or so until the juicer comes. But some mighty, higher powers really wanted us to get to it, because our juicer arrived next day. So there we were. Staring at the shiny, new toy, not quite ready to give up food yet (not even for three days) but we said: what the heck, this time is just as good as any, lets do it. We bought a book, called the 3 Day Cleanse (, we attacked Rainbow in San Francisco and Trader Joe’s and bought lots, I mean lots of veggies and fruit and after reading the book quickly, we set up a plan.

Juicing will start on Sunday (a day when we are both home and can rely on each other) and will end Tuesday night. The cleanse is simple: no food, no coffee, no alcohol, nothing toxic for three days, only fruit and vegetable juices to give the stomach and all of our insides a rest. Six juices per day, three green (veggies and leafy greens only); two fruity (for the yumm yumm sugar) + one nut milk at the end of the day to keep your stomach full for the night and to provide some protein and some calories. All day long water and herbal tea is allowed as much as you can take. The more the better to flush those bad, bad toxins out. The whole thing is about 1000 calories per day. Ouch. But ok, lets give those guys in there a rest. Detox Baby!

Here is how it happened:

Day 1, Sunday

The book and every other internet site said that day one should be super hard with headaches (caffeine withdrawal), extreme cravings and the crazy need to chew on something. Well, we experienced quite the opposite. Day one was the easiest for us. Maybe the excitement, maybe the new-ness of it, maybe because we still had food in our stomachs from Saturday, maybe because we were thinking how awesome is what we are doing and we were high on adrenalin and not on sugar – I don’t know. But it was easy. We started the day with herbal tea, Dan had some green tea ( saying that he cannot be without some caffein) and we had our first juice, a green one. All day we were fine. We enjoyed making the juices, trying out different combinations, recipes from the book, they all tasted wonderful, refreshing, light, delicious. The juicer we got was the best! It is really important to have a great juicer, we realized, when you were going make ten million juices a day. Even though juices can be ordered online or can be bought at various places we decided to make them ourselves. I knew, if there will be no kitchen action, cooking, baking for three days I will probably go gaga, so I needed to have something that at least a little bit resembled cooking. Well, I got chopping to do, indeed. 🙂

I could just sayI was making a fruit pie, right?

Day 2, Monday

Dan decided to work from home that day, which was a great idea because we both woke up hungry on Monday. My stomach was flat, I definitely felt empty, jumped on the scale, liked what I saw, and drank a juice quickly. The day was ok. Not as spectacular as the first one, but definitely ok. I went for a long bike ride and although I was a little bit lightheaded all day long, I felt proud of myself, ourselves and I thought this is a great thing that we are doing. I felt that my stomach is grateful that it didn’t have to digest white crunchy bread and homemade ricotta or, god forbid, some greasy, buttery Indian curry ( drooling, yes I was drooling on that Monday and I forbade myself to look or think or speak about food) . Towards the end of the day it started to feel normal to feel empty and not full and to be a bit loopy and to have a sad smile on our faces if the other one said anything food related. The day went by, we were proud again, drank our warmed, tasty cashew milk and went to bed.

Day 3, Tuesday

Well, I have to say ( as you probably saw it coming) that Tuesday was a hell of a day. For me at least. Dan was fine. This again it shows how different is everyone when experiencing starvation (because that is what I thought I am going through). Tuesday I thought the day will never end, and I will never ever be released from this stupid, horrible, unnecessary commitment that I made. Why did I sign up for something like this? Why not eat? eating is normal, instinctual, something that we naturally do. Not eating is not normal. I want food and I want it now. I wanted to eat, to cook, to grocery shop, to bake, to plan, to go out, to chew to swallow, I wanted to feel full, I wanted all. I cried, I argued, I was ugly. God, was I ugly. I was so low energy all day long that I spent the day napping and lying in bed with mu eyes shut closed. I hated the juices, I felt sick just looking at them, I didn’t want them anymore. Dan begged me to eat, but I didn’t want to be a quitter either because somewhere in there I knew this is all in my head and for quitting I would be upset later on. Oh, boy. I thought the day would never end. I was helpless. I didn’t drink my last two juices I disliked them so much. Dan said he could easily do another day, he feels great about himself and he is not even hungry and I wanted to kill him. I wanted to beat him with a loaf of fresh French Baguette and then eat the Baguette all. All by myself.

So that is how it happened dear ones. This morning I woke up, feeling empty (in my stomach) but oh so very proud! I did it! I didn’t starve to death! I juiced, cleansed for three full days! I didn’t chew for three days! I was vegan, raw, vegetarian, gluten free and what not for three days! I only drank juices, 1000 calories a day for three days. Bella never did such thing before. Bella eats. Bella cooks and then eats. Bella goes out a lot and eats. Now I can say: Bella juiced! It is a great feeling. This morning we had green tea, our stomach are pretty delicate now. We need to go slow, says the book, we don’t want to get sick. Funny thing is, today I wasn’t hungry at all. I knew, I could eat anything I wanted, but it felt good feeling so light and empty. So I had fruit for breakfast and a super light salad for lunch. Just arugula, one tomato, one carrot, and 1/4 an avocado with some lemon juice over it. Dan got the same in a to go pack. Healthy healthy!

For dinner though I made a kick ass, killer ratatouille. Oh it was so good to be cooking and eating again! Even though the dish was vegetarian, vegan even, it was still hitting all the spots! Chewing was great after three days of not chewing 🙂 delicious!

Ratatouille recipe will follow soon! And if any of you are curious about juice recipes, let me know! I don’t mind typing them up, just don’t make me drink them again for a long long time. Deal 🙂