I have to say I am lucky enough to not be working right now, so I get to spend my days before  CAL starts at home doing things that i love to do! How great is that? I cook, I bake, I garden, I play with TWO kittens!,  I organize the house, I watch Masterchef on Hulu, I Skype wit my family, I read, I go out and do yoga and shop, eat and explore Berkeley. Can’t get much better than that! Right? Right.
It feels a little teeny bit weird though to have all this free time on my hands. For me, who I used to work 35-40 hours a week and was a full time student with a 3.97 GPA in the meantime, i basically never had free time. I was tired and often grumpy. šŸ˜¦ I felt like I never have time to do things I like to do, free time meant homework time for me.
But now, ladies and gentlemen I am not grumpy at all! I have another 10 days before school starts again, before I will be a full time student again, and I am loving every minute of all the free time I have.
10 more days of this leisure!

So here is a little insight into my Friday yesterday. I know, it will be very hard to watch šŸ™‚ If you are sensitive to pictures of a very tough day it is time to turn your computer off right now. Just kidding šŸ™‚ Please don;t be jealous either,  this is a well deserved vacation time. And it will be over soon šŸ™‚

The day started off with an amazing breakfast. I mean brunch. If you wake up late and eat your first meal at 11 am that considers brunch right? Even if it is not the weekend? I thought so šŸ™‚
I had and open faced sandwich on Acme Sweet Batard bread ( bakery right around the corner :), with cream cheese, home roasted sweet Bell peppers and hard boiled egg on top. This combination, as simple as it was, blew my mind. I wanted to eat at least 6 slices of this tastiness. If you’ll try it, you ‘ll know what I am talking about.

After only two slices of these babies I did lots of chores around the house ( even doing chores feels luxurious these days) and then attacked the garden. Our place came with a small garden that has a good size vegetable patch in it and it was full with weed, old vegetables and grossness. Unfortunately I forget to take “before” pictures, but here are some “after” ones.

Since it is autumn, I can’t plant all the 66343555375535135655645647 kinds of vegetables and flowers that i want to plant, I will have to wait for the spring to do that. I ended up buying two beautiful Dahlia’s (aren’t they soooo pretty) and I planted some radishes too ( they would grow and develop during warm fall months too). I really wanted to plant many more flowers, but that would mean I would have to rip them out in the spring for the vegetables and that would be MEAN! So I stopped and turned my attention to my HERB garden. Unfortunately during our move many of my plants got hurt so I needed to repot or in some cases I needed to replace them.
I’ve been growing my own herbs for a while, thinking that buying bunches of herbs that cost $3.99 or even more from the grocery store is a waste of money. The other issue is that I can never use up the whole bunch since most of the recipes only call for a little, so I end up throwing out $2.50 of the $3.99  most of the time. Anyhow šŸ™‚ Now I grow my own basil, parsley, tarragon, oregano, thyme, mint, sage, chive and it gives me great happiness and satisfaction to go with my little pair of scissors and snip snip as much as I need at the moment. And they are so fresh and smell so good!


This is one of my many avocado trees that I grew from seed.
This baby is the first one spending some time outside!

I had such a great time gardening! I love getting my hands dirty and working with soil. Don’t judge :)))

At the end of the day I made some crepes with mango and strawberry filling. I love making crepes because they are fancy-pancy and delicious! Since I had mangoes and delicious strawberries I decided to turn them into a filling. I chopped them up:

Put them to cook with a little bit of sugar, then add some rum šŸ™‚ yummm

I started to make the crepes:

Crepe is ready, let’s fill it, fold it in two and then in two again.

Ready to eat!

To make the crepes you will need: flour, 1 egg, pinch of salt, teaspoon of white wine vinegar, milk, sparkling water, canola oil. My crepe recipe is disturbingly easy, I have to say. I’ve been reading complicated recipes from numerous food blogs and cooking books, I’ve  been hearing people saying that making crepes is very hard – and I must say: I disagree. Making crepes is very easy. At least making crepes my way is easy. They don’t require 50 ingredients, neither overnight chilling. You will need a bowl, a whisker and only couple of ingredients.

This is how my grandmother and mother thought me how to do crepes:
– put as many spoonfuls of flour in a bowl as many crepes you want to have ( i put 8 spoonfuls of flour)
– crack one egg on top, add pinch of salt and 1 teaspoon of vinegar
– add a little milk and start stirring/whisking slowly
– stir, stir, stir, whisk, whisk, whisk like a crazy person, always adding a little more milk until you will have a smooth paste with absolutely NO lumps of flour in it
– start adding the bubbly water slowly and whisk it. It’s hard to explain what kind of consistency you are aiming for but it has to be smooth and thin. not too thin though.
– whisk in a teaspoon of canola oil
– put a little bit of oil in the crepe pan and heat it well
NOW: the first crepe never turns out good šŸ™‚ just something you should know šŸ™‚ The first crepe is always the guinea pig. By making the first one you will know if the batter is too thick or too thin, if you will need to add more water or milk to it or not
– adjust
– go ahead and make the second one, it should be better
– add again a little bit of oil in the pan ( about 1 teaspoon), heat it well, add about 1/3 of a cup of the batter ( depends on the size of your pan), cook it on one side for a minute, gently turn it over to see if the bottom is nicely golden and cook the other side for about 45 seconds- 1 minute. done!
– the third one should be perfect. by this time the pan is perfectly heated and the crepes should cook evenly and beautifully

I know it is discouraging to start making them without an exact recipe, but it always depends how many you want to make and how is your crepe pan. I will say it though, that it is not hard to make them.
If you are an adventurous, brave cook, you should definitely give it a try. Why not?
Good luck!

So, dear ones, this was my Friday šŸ™‚ It was a good one! 

Happy weekend to you all