Here is a little taster from our newly moved in home. Excuse the mess, we are still unpacking. The move was demanding and tiring and pretty stressful – as you probably know. Moves are just that way. Thats their nature. Everything that  was nice and normal and usual turns suddenly upside down and nothing is nice and normal and usual anymore for a couple of weeks. There are innumerable boxes lying all over the house full of crap that we haven’t used for the past six months and probably will never use again but need to find room for it. These ugly boxes, even though they are labeled still don’t want to give you the object that you are looking for right at that moment. For example I needed a towel one morning. I was dripping wet and cold, right out of the shower. I asked D to get me a towel. Where from he asked. From the box that says towels, i answered. Haha. But where was that box- you may ask. And you are right. The box was nowhere. I was standing in the bathroom, (my brain almost exploded) until I dried. And that is just one example. you get the point.
10 days passed since we are at this new place and it starts to take shape finally. I am in love with the character of the house and we are both working hard to make it nice, cozy, home-y and cool.
Let’s see how far we have gotten šŸ™‚

The kitchen was the first room in the house that we organized. It was well needed, so I can cook and bake and do my little daily routine of kitchening šŸ™‚

Kitchen details:

Dining room ( with a cozy reading/relaxation corner) Yay!

Tiny Bedroom and the wonderful closet with the new shelving made by D!

Living room and staircase ( with Mishky) to the upper level landing and office ( those too are not pictured).

Entry area:

Bathroom and bathroom detail:

Outside area/patio:

I know, there is still a lot to do, but now the next part is the fun part, right? After the nasty boxes disappear, one can truly see how the new place looks and some interior design kinda thing will be able to start, right? I do hope so.

There is a lot of potential in this house, so let’s see how it will turn out and then I might be back later with a complete tour of the new place and maybe a video too!

Until then, dear ones: