Dear Readers! Bear with me please. I haven’t written in millions of years and as you may think many things happened since the last post. Important things like our second wedding in Transylvania with my dear family and childhood friends for example. Here are some pics from the event and please understand that there are over a 1000 pics from that day only! These are my favorite ones 🙂

Another significant thing that happened is that we moved to Berkeley form San Francisco right the day after we returned from Europe. This is how that looked like:

You can imagine 🙂 The new place is wonderful and I am super excited about making it ours and beautiful!

All would be fantastic with our lives if it wouldn’t be for this very sad thing that happened on the moving day:

Our baby girl Adesh/ Edes  is greatly missed. We are sick with worry and barely can enjoy the new place. Mishka cat is looking for her, we are looking for her, her little food and water bowl is full and waiting for her. She must be in hiding somewhere, very scared and hungry. I want to cry just thinking about her.

Come home Adesh, please! We miss you!

Wish us good luck finding our baby girl. Fingers crossed, promised?