I am in San Anselmo today all day and even though I am having a fine day my thoughts keep going back home to Transylvania. I am remembering what we did exactly a week ago, last Wednesday and my heart starts to ache. Not badly, just a little, you know. It is so close, only 168 hours went by and yet it is so far away,I am on the other side of the world ( again).

A week ago we went to our tiny weekend house not far away from Barot with my whole family. Grandmas and grandpas, cousins and aunts, moms and dads and sisters, husband and brother is law, we were all there.

Last time I went to Uzonka it was about 7 years ago. Wow! Considering that I used to spend almost every weekend of my childhood at this house, this is a very long time. Funny thing is – this place didn’t change at all. Ok, it got smaller, much smaller. But that is just me, right? Me getting bigger? Time stopped in Uzonka and that is what makes it enchanting and miraculous.

A week ago we made fire and chopped wood ( mainly Dan did it, ok) and cooked and ate and drunk beer and had a fantastic time.

A week ago we played all together, laughed and giggled and said we will always remember this day.

A week ago we wrote little notes for our future selves and hid them in the old drawer of the old cabinet so we would find them next time we are back.

A week ago we picked lots of wild flowers and now I wish I would have a bouquet here with me.

A week ago we probably messed up this little guy’s otherwise boring weekdays 🙂

A week ago this very handsome man said we will come back here again.
Can we go now?
Oh, how fantastic and relaxing that day was!