Dan the Man is coming tomorrow! My other half, my loved one, my sweetheart 🙂 I cannot wait to see and hug and kiss him again! I am calculating and recalculating the time differences, trying to locate him every minute. He is somewhere between San Francisco -New York-Amsterdam – Bucharest; oh yeah, there is a long way to travel to be reunited again, here in Barot!

In the meantime since I cannot sleep from excitement anyway, I decided I will post lots and lots of food pictures! Hoorray! Haha.

Food is so good here people. So very very fresh and organic and so local and tasty that all of you foodies  should be very jealous right now. Seriously. I am sure biased because this is the stuff I grew up with and this is my mom’s cuisine  and having meals after meals prepared by my mom or grandmothers is priceless – but – trust me here: the food, every single dish is scrumptious!

The secrets of why is it so good:

1. Fruits and vegetable are fresh from our own garden!

2. Food is prepared with love and care. Food is respected and treasured.

3. Food means family time 🙂 ( wait until there will be 20 of us or even more around the table soon!) 

4. Food is pretty!

yummm and cheers!

It is past midnight here, I am lying in bed and I got hungry again just by looking at the pictures. Oh well.

I need to redirect my thoughts again to my sweet Dan who is on airport diet right now and wish that he will be here soon soon soon safe and sound!