I do need to apologize. 
I am neglecting my blog, my facebook page, pretty much everything that is laptop related and  I am apologizing because I don’t feel too bad about it 🙂 Haha. 
Days are flying by here in Transylvania, half of my trip is over and I have over 1000 photographs in my camera that needs downloading, editing and posting – there is just no time to do it. 
Every day we prepare a little for the upcoming wedding celebration, visit relatives and grandmas, try to have some special momma time, do some gardening, cooking, cleaning and it is already 11 pm, time to go to bed.

One of the best things so far ( besides eating the most amazing fresh, organic food every day – which will be a separate blog post with hundreds of mouthwatering pictures, I promise) was a big cleaning spree, when my sister and I cleaned the attic and went through lots and lots of old, dusty boxes and suitcases and found amazing vintage clothing that used to belong to my mother and grandmother ( not anymore)  + amazing china and dishes. We had a blast! I also found wonderful  old stuff at my grandmother’s house and I already have a big pile of amazing old things that i want to take back to California and will not fit in my suitcase 😦  I figured I  will pack them in boxes and when I visit I can always take some of it back with me. 

Here are some pictures:

 Piles and piles of dusty clothing

 Kriszta and my mom trying on some old dresses

Haha! funniest moment of the evening 🙂 we found this very old 
(horribly sewn)  bridal dress and we put on a show of gothic / zombie bride

This beautiful dress used to be my grandmother’s ! 

This one used to be my mom’s

This is not an old dress but my mom was super happy finding it 🙂

I took this picture before washing the dust off. These little babies are beautiful! They will be living in California from now on 🙂

Pretty things, I could say they are from Anthropologie 🙂

Very old and very heavy pastry plate. Amazing find! 

Such a pretty plate at my grandmother’s house. There is only two left and she is still using them. 

Hand embroidered pillowcase. 

These dishcloths were made by my great grandmother 🙂 To California they come! 

Very old violins. 

Isn’t this stuff amazing? And the treasure hunt is not over yet! 

I am off now to help my mom make some black currant jam 🙂 We have tons of currants in the garden ( black and red) and they need to be picked and cooked otherwise they will rot on the wine. What shame would that be!

Yes, I will post pictures. Promise 🙂