Its unbelievable how time is racing by, it is already Sunday. There is so much to do on a trip like this, there is no time left to sit in the front of the computer( as you can all probably tell). We wake early (I finally sleep until 7 am lately) and go to bed late around 10-11pm. This means 15-16 hrs long days, packed with lots of activities, one after the other. Everything we do is fun, but boy, there is a lot of it! 

So lets see:

On Thursday we got Kriszta back! She arrived to Vasarhely and we all went to get her from the airport! Here she is stuffing her face with the first bites of the home made sandwich in the car, just like i did couple of days ago 🙂

On Friday we were invited to some very good childhood friend’s house for a big baking frenzy! Yay! We made at least 35 of these super duper you must try one pastries! The are called             ” kurtoskalacs”. Try to say that out loud! 

Saturday it was bread making day so we rose early.( too early): some people for working the dough, some for holding the tub and some for documenting everything ( thats me :)It was wonderful! I wish I could post some of the videos of the kneading! It was fascinating. Such great opportunity for me to learn. We will bake another batch of these babies next Friday, maybe then I will have a chance to get my hands dirty 🙂

In the meantime, using some of the bread dough we made a Pizza Cippola ( Onion Pizza) a la Jim Lahey. It was scrumptious!!!

        The bread dough tripled in the tub. It was beautiful. 

 The bread ready for the oven, placed on a cabbage leaf for extra flavor and moisture ( and prettiness 🙂

   Check out the ones in the back, they are already rising! It smelled so good! 

                                                                        Pizza Cippola. Ready! 

                                                                     The bread is ready. 

                                                                 Let’s eat them up 😀

Eating all these heavenly carbs makes me wonder how will I look in my wedding dress in two weeks time. Haha. So I exercise, which basically means working in he garden with my mom. Having a beautiful and fruitful garden like hers is a lot, i mean a lot of sweaty work! I’ve been helping her hoeing and pulling weeds every day, about an hour or so daily and I have to say it is a cruel workout. Due to the heat there is sweat covering my body and my face and all of my muscles in my body are aching the next day! Core and cardio and muscle building- DONE! 

Or on some days we exercise like this :)))

Besides al the hard/fun work, we have lots and lots of sweet/ bittersweet family time, hugs and cuddles and big laughs.

It is so good to be home!