snacky snacks

mom’s flowers

the front of our home

pretty flowers

my old elementary school

 town center

dear friend  of mine, Tunde

stuffed peppers soup

garden vegetable soup. from the garden!

my little cousin

the pretty new hair clips i got for her

painful hairdo i am getting here

the gipsy second hand clothing market

everything for 1 lei

cherries and sour cherries. yumm

finally lots of gipsy peppers

butter beans


the best street food! little sausages made out of three different meats

little Zsofi, she wanted to carry my purse all day

trying the cheese we bought

my old school teacher

sausages eaten with mustard

cousin love

we are making meatballs for the soup

pitting cherries


cherry “pie”

mom’s garden


the cherry pie

visiting little grandma


fresh from the garden

another snack, home made bread with lard and onions