After many many goodbyes to all the loved ones in San Francisco, sweet hugs, kisses, one last cuddle with the kittens and with the hubbex, a last minute watering of the house plants and the tomato babies + one last cup of tea at 4:30 Sunday morning  – I finally left my home, the city and the country behind a for a month.
It took me over 28 hours ( from door to door), 3 airplanes, 3 home made tasty sandwiches ( who wants to eat airport food?)  and lots of cramped up legs and some queazy twilight zone moments to finally land in Romania.  My sweet Dad picked me up from Bucharest and we still had a 3.5 hrs car ride in front of us before we reached our final destination: Barot. Seeing my dad was great!

It was also great to devour a home made sandwich sent  by my mom with hungarian peppers that smell like spring and summer and perfume and childhood! oh boy!

On our way home we stopped to buy fresh produce from the local people on the roadside 🙂 We got aubergines, tomatoes and more of these unbelievably tasty peppers! ( i am going to go on a pepper diet, watch me: )

And then we were home, and I didn’t manage to take any pictures until we sat down to eat because i was so overwhelmed and happy happy happy to see my mom and to hug my teeny tiny very old grandma!
But then we ATE 🙂 My mom prepared one of my favorite dishes for my arrival a summer stuffed cabbage dish that I love so much that it makes my mouth water again and again just by thinking of it
 ( fyi: its 5:30 in the morning and i am sleeplessly lying in my bed and typing but feel the urge to tiptoe into the kitchen 🙂 To eat my mom’s food again was so wonderful. The dish was so tasty. I made it multiple times myself in the US, but mine was never ever this tasty! And then let me start no separate paragraph about the home made bread, ok? deal 🙂 not even a picture! that only deserves a blog post all by itself .

This tiny lady is my very old grandma 🙂 she is adorable. I am soooooo grateful and happy that I am seeing her again! ( When you have a very old grandma and you only visit home every 2 years you never really know :((((    )

So ho about that for the first couple of hours at home?
Pretty sweet, hm?
Other than that I already miss the Mister and the kittens a lot, its a million dollar jackpot baby!!!

More to follow soon 🙂 Just let me get around some breakfast first!