Not much happening lately. I am 6 days away from my departure to Transylvania which makes me jump, I am so happy about it! I am still working long hours and we had a lovely lovely weekend with good food, good friends and lots of happiness. We met Johnny for brunch on Saturday, Michael-Lisa  and Evie for another brunch on Sunday ( very tasty french brunch at La Terasse in The Presidio!) Claudia and Allen for Thai dinner Sunday evening so it was a very social weekend with lots of goodbyes and hugs and lots of eating 🙂 

We also had some special time with Dan ( just the two of us). So lovely! 

Here is the past couple of days according to my iPhone camera 🙂


Luckily the kids who I take care of love to bake and eat what we bake –
so baking is a guiltless pleasure! I don’t think I will be making so many cupcakes after
the nanny-ing career is over! Unless I will be planning
to fatten us up 🙂


 a little urban gardening

The weather at lake was fantastic and the man caught two fish! 
Dinner for Monday! 
How was your weekend?