I might have mentioned it earlier: I love to read.
I read a lot and I read all kinds of things, fiction, non fiction, poetry, magazines, cooking books, garbage books and books with lots of value. Its a good mix. Bad books ( i mean books that i don’t like) just make me appreciate more books that I like. ( pretty obvious πŸ™‚

When I was a child I read so much that the tiny tiny library in Barot ran out of age appropriate books for me. It sounds funny now, but it wasn’t back then. I was hungry for books for adventures, for information and unfortunately books were a luxury for us back in Romania. Hungarian books were never printed in Romania and  we barely ever had money to buy them they were so expensive being imported from Hungary. Books were all that I asked for birthdays, christmas, holiday presents. From time to time when visiting bigger neighboring cities we would take special trips to bookstores and we would be allowed to look, touch and pick one ( one!!!) book to buy. It is ridiculous now to think back how really expensive those books were. If I would want to  “translate it” it would come out about $100 for a book – ( not hundred dollars in romanian money, but that’s how painful it was to buy a book- like if you would have to pay hundred bucks for it now). Ridiculous. Anyhow. They didn’t make it easy for us Hungarians to get Hungarian books. Therefore books were appreciated, they were precious, they were valuable. I read them all the time. Some of them I read over ten times. I read books from my friends house. I read books that were not meant for my young/teenage eyes. I read in school, so I had my books confiscated all the time for reading during class time ( once  in high school a teacher confiscated a book from me and she wouldn’t give it back until the end of the semester, she later told me  she was reading it that is why  she kept it for so long. meanie teacher 😦

It was a pretty big shock for my hungry eyes when I moved to the USA and suddenly there were all these books available here for mere 6-7-10 dollars and I could not read them!!!! It was bad for a long time. I tried so hard, i read and read and read but it wouldn’t make any sense to me. My english was so poor that I cold not enjoy reading anymore. I tried reading with dictionaries at hand but that was dreadful and joyless. I tried re-reading books that I read before in Hungarian, telling myself to not get too frustrated over the meaning of each and every word – but it was very hard. I had to give up reading for a while. I missed it terribly. I had some hungarian books with me, mainly poetry and I found comfort in those but they also just made the ‘not being able to read in english’ even harder to bear.

After about a year and a half and many trashy Hollywood magazines later I picked up one of my all time favorite books that I already read in Hungarian a million times: Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude  – and there it was! Words that had meaning, sentences that  carried a message, chapters that made sense. Oh joy! How happy I was! ( That summer I was also able to read the 7th Harry Potter book in english, right after it came out; even before it was released in Hungarian back home!!! so of course I needed to learn how to read! :))))

Since, I am reading (again) like a crazy person. Books in English became just as easy to read as Hungarian ones. I am not even thinking about the language anymore. I just read and I enjoy every moment of it. Kindle’s built in dictionary and thesaurus is a great aid when I am facing words that I don’t know, and of course there is Dan and his beautiful English to explain expressions, idiomatic usage of words, things that I still don’t understand. All is good now πŸ™‚

Here I have some of the books that I read recently. I will put them in three categories:
the ones I adored and read in no time, the so-so ones and the ones I disliked.

Books I Love

I went nuts and gaga about this dystopian novel by Suzanne Collins.
I loved the story, the characters, the writing, the way how the story unfolded – it was an adventure that took the most surprising turns all along the way. Highly recommended for people who love to deeply get absorbed in books.

This book was so painfully sad that for a while I thought I don’t even like it.  I felt like such things and  horrible way of living cannot be possible. The reason why I know I loved it at the end is because this story is still with me, within me. I could not forget it even if I tried. It stayed with me.

 I absolutely loved this novel by Barbara Kingsolver. The writing is exceptional, the story is familiar and magically new at the same time. The structure of the book, the way how the story is told, all  is wonderful
Wikipedia: “The novel tells the story of Harrison Shepherd. His parents are separated, and he grows up in the 1930s, living variously with his American father and Mexican mother. During his time in Mexico he works as a cook for the artists Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, then as a secretary for Leon Trotsky during Trotsky’s exile to Mexico. Later in life, living in Asheville, he becomes a novelist and is subsequently investigated by the House Un-American Activities Committee. He instructs his secretary, Violet Brown, to burn his diaries and letters. She saves them instead, and it is these papers that form the bulk of the novel. There are gaps, or lacunae, in the story, hence the title. ” 

Very interesting book. Couldn’t put it down.
It is the story of a young mother and a 5 year old boy who are locked up in a tiny room by the mother’s kidnapper. The boy was born there in the ROOM.

I just started reading this book but so far I am in love. A bit complicated at the beginning to figure out who is who and  which family they belong to ( there is a vast amount of characters in this story) but it is interesting and intriguing.  It reminds me of The Lord Of The Rings.

So So Books 
( these are the ones that I finished reading but it took me a while, I wasn’t head to toe in love with them, they were not too interesting or not well written or in some case they were too confusing)

I already knew what will happen since I saw the movie first.
It was also quite depressing.

 Even though I usually love dystopian novels this  imaginary, futuristic world didn’t work for me.

 I figured out the ending of this book halfway in.
It was an easy read.

 I loved the beginning of this non fiction book, it was interesting beyond belief how the cells of this African American woman were stolen from a cancerous tumor – and used ( without her or her family’s knowledge). Millions and billions of dollars were made on her ” HeLa Cells” – yet she died in poverty and her family is still without health insurance.
About halfway in the book gets somewhat boring, loses its wow factor. It took me a long time to actually finish it.

 Very interesting anthropological  survey about the constitution of marriage all around the world.

 A book about a Chinese immigrant mother and her super intelligent daughter in NYC – how they survive on almost nothing  and how her intelligence and success in school will help them live a better life later.

 Very funny book, super easy read.

 Big World War II drama about Hungarian jews. Touchy book, nothing new.

 Good book about World War II in Paris. Good historical background, war history that i have not heard of before.

 Ok, this book was a love and hate thing. I was so confused reading it   like this upside down bird. The ending didn’t make any sense at all
( which shouldn’t have been a surprise I guess).

Mediocre dystopian novel. Way too similar to the Hunger Games.  Couldn’t wait to finish it.

No likey books:

There was no secret in this whole book, it was boring and everyone was  super rich and skinny and delicate and beautiful and very very ‘sad’.

Ok, this book I almost didn’t finish. I only finished it because I hate not finishing books. I didn’t like it a bit. It is long and repetitive and flowery and reminded me of many books and even a movie that I read / saw before – I knew what will happen at the end 10 pages in and I didn’t like  the characters a bit. ughhhhh!

What was the last thing you read? Want to tell?

I might write a list of my top ten all time favorite books soon, till then I am going to go and read Game of Thrones!

Bye darlings :)))