What a lovely Saturday we had! Our sweet friend Sara and her kiddos, plus bunch of other people who we didn’t know camped out. I’ve never been to Johnson’s Beach before but I am sure I will be going back again! We arrived late Friday night and eat ridiculously sticky and oozy marshmallows/smores :))) and drank lots of beer (luckily which i have no pictures of 🙂

Now I have to say here that we looooooove camping. Dan and I go on several camping trips every year, we really enjoy being outdoors, walk, hike, drink, relax, sleep under the big big starry sky and to cook on fire. This cooking part is very important 🙂 I heart and love and adore to cook on an open fire, grill, roast, make one pot dishes in my awesome cauldron ( that I got from another sweet friend, Melissa). Since this trip was a quickie one we didn’t do much cooking, but we did made an amazing breakfast.
Saturday morning ( after I wanted to torture, kill, gut and kill again the crow that wouldn’t shut up on the branch above our tent for hours and hours) Dan made tea ( oh, tea) and Sara and I whipped up a gourmet meal. We had eggs and spicy sausages, breakfast potatoes, heirloom tomato salad and avocados. Yummm!

The rest of the day was about beaching, reading, getting slightly sunburned and some fruitless fishing for my man.

And then we left this divine, hot, sweaty, gorgeous part of the world and arrived home :

Why do we live in San Francisco during the summer months? ? ?  ughhhh!

Just looking at these foggy, cold pictures makes me shiver. Luckily I don’t have to be out today at all and luckily there is a Triple Berry Galette baking in my oven and it is making the house smell like a french bakery ( i don’t know why did I just say that :))) I have no idea how french bakeries smell, but i am sure it is just as good as my kitchen is right now. I found this scrumptious looking galette a long time ago on shutterbean.com ( which is an awesome food blog, btw) and I’ve been wanting to make it since. Here is the link to it and the exact recipe:

Here is how it happened:

Triple Berry Galette

First Mishka really wanted to help. He is always really really willing to help in the kitchen. As soon as I set foot in there he is right behing me, front of me, in between my legs, tripping me over, etc. For some reason he thinks that every trip to the kitchen has to do something with cat food or some tuna or maybe both.

He is so very cute though! I love him a lot. Just saying 🙂

The list of ingredients is short, so it was easy to get everything  measured.

I made the dough and put it to chill in the fridge for an hour.

Washed all the berries. They were so delicious I couldn’t help myself eating a big handful of them.
Too bad they will go out of season soon.

Chopped the berries and sprinkled it with sugar, cornstarch, lemon.

Rolled the dough out wasn’t easy. It is a very crumbly dough.

The dough/fruit ratio is pretty crazy in this recipe. I ended up not adding all the fruit actually, it seemed way too much at the end. ( maybe I should have rolled the dough bigger, thinner? )

At the end I washed it with the beaten egg, sprinkled the whole thing with sugar and in the oven it went. Now I am waiting and anticipating 🙂

Oh, this thing is sooooo beautiful! and it is sitting right here on my counter!

NO, i am NOT having a slice  right away while it is still warm with vanilla ice cream

a happy happy customer ! Yummmmmmmm, he says and yummmm I say 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone!