Hello All,  so here we go. First post on the new blog πŸ™‚  i am excited!
For those who you don’t know me and where I am coming from I am going to tell a little about Transylvania. Transylvania is in Europe and according to Wikipedia  ” is a historical region in the central part of  Romania” bounded by mountains on each side. 

Hungarians conquered Transylvania in 1003  but in 1919, after the end of WWI, Romania invaded Transylvania and the adjoining parts of Eastern Hungary. In 1920, the so-called “Treaty” of Trianon gave these Hungarian territories ” back” to Romania. As soon as the Romanians took over Transylvania, they tried to eradicate the more than 1000 years of Hungarian presence through ethnic cleansing. Well, this never happened, we are still there –  Romanians if you look at our passports, but 100 percent Hungarians  as well – hence the two languages and the mixture of cultures. 

Pretty, isn’t it?
Now: warning! Spoiler! Those who are die hard vampire fans don’t read any further: The Dracula part of the legend is all made up. Sorry 😦 Wikipedia says ” Transylvania is often associated with Dracula( Bram Stoker’s novel and its film adaptations), and the horror genre in general, while the region is also known for the scenic beauty of its Carpathian landscape and its rich history.” – but the whole thing is fiction, it is only good to make Transylvania sounds exotic and to bring tourists. (which, by all means, is great for the poor-ish economy). 
So, there you have it, this is where I am coming from, a tiny town in Kovaszna county called Barot. 

Barot is home, Barot is family, Barot is gardens and farmlands and orchards, Barot is bucolic and it makes me homesick and hungry for my mother’s food every time I think of it. 

Luckily I will be there in 18 days! 18 days!