Post midterm Pear&Almond Tart + a tiny pear galette for fun

So I had this midterm last Thursday and I had to study so much for it that I am still drained. That is why this post is being written now and not last Friday when I made this ooohh-la-la deliciousness tart. Event hough I slightly over baked the tart shell and burned the edges a little bit ( all due to school stress πŸ™‚ it turned out unbelievably delicious. There is just something so a-mah-zing about pears and almond together I think. It is a perfect match. They totally should get married πŸ™‚ and have babies πŸ™‚

Ok, so the recipe is from here and here. Another match made in heaven. One of them is a simple pear tart, the other one taught me how to make the frangipane, which is this amazing almond filling that you can find in many almond-y pastries. I combined the two recipes because I felt like it and because I am brave. The result? You’ll see.

First you need to make sweet pie dough, chill it, roll it out and peel some pears.

You also need to make the almond filling which is basically sugar+butter+eggs+almond flour. All yummyness. Guaranteed.

After you pre bake the pie shell fill it with the frangipane, arrange the pears on top ad bake it for another 40 minutes. And don’t burn it like i did. This is how it looks before the second baking.

And this is how it looks out of the oven!

And I wish I could tell you how it smelled! It smelled so good!

We totally loved it and ate it all up. In no time πŸ˜‰

The baby galette is the result of not having the heart to throw out the leftover pie dough. Cute, isn’t it?

and while we are at cuteness……

i know, so adorable, right?



Here I am!

Yes, I know, tomorrow I have a monster midterm and the day after tomorrow I have another one, I know all about that. And I am studying. I am. For shizzle :)But. But today is sunday, and it is sunny, and it is oh so very beautiful outside and the air smells so very much like autumn and the whole wide word is beautiful Β – Β so we went for a long bike ride with Dan the Man. And it was fabulous! Berkeley is so great: you just ride ride ride your bike and then suddenly there is this huge and fantastic street fair all along College Avenue with the millions of great food tents and shops and music and all that! And one thing is for sure: we love some good tasty street food and some mindless wondering around with some street beer πŸ™‚

Here we are leaving our house and I am taking pics of D on his bike with one hand and trying to not drive my bike into some parked hands with the other πŸ™‚

And then D got the phone in one of his hands and:

Do you see that silvery shiny new basket on my bike? Thats new! and I am in love with it πŸ™‚

and than we get to the fair and we get over excited and cant decide what to eat πŸ™‚ typical.So we get a hamburger from one stand and a pulled pork sandwich from another and chipotle-butter-lime roasted corn from a third and beer from a forth. and then we eat and we do our silly faces and take our childish pictures. Hip hip hooray πŸ™‚
And then we walk some more and hug some more because walking and hugging is fun and we get a tiny red velvet cupcake because eating a red velvet cupcake for dessert is important πŸ™‚ right?

sorry cupcake!

how about my Hello kitty bandaid?

and then we biked home

the end and keep your fingers crossed for me for that meanie midterm please :)))))


bad, bad blogger

Oh well. Now you know. I am a bad bad blogger and it looks like I am going to be like that for another couple of months. Or until winter break at least.The news is that I am full time Berkeley student now and the amount of homework and studying I need to do is mind boggling. Who knew? No, seriously. I do nothing else lately but study. I stopped working, stopped cooking on a regular basis, I stopped blogging. I am only into Early Netherlandish Paintings these days. And you know what? That is cool too! I love my school and I love my classes. Even when I hate them πŸ™‚ So from now on I will not write on a regular basis 😦 and if I will quickly cook or bake ( so mah men will keep me), Β I might not have the time to take super pretty photos. Sad face again. But one day! Oh yes, one day when I will be a super famous art history professor and cooking and baking still will be my numero uno passion, than I will write on my blog again πŸ™‚ Regularly. Promise. Until then… sobbing…. until then I will try to do little updates here and there and I will post photographs of pretty foods and highlights of our lives. Hope that will do, for a while :)Here are some fun things we did lately, I made lately and we ate lately πŸ™‚

Summer peaches

Honey baked peaches with vanilla ice-cream

Herbed cheese straws in progress

Honey roasted figsHeirloom caprese salad and olivesLove ❀Mishka Love ❀Delicious food @ Tra Vigne,Β NapaBlurry photo from Tra VigneHappy colors: tomatoes and school bus πŸ™‚Tomato heaven ( cooking down summer flavors for the winter months)Β 

If i want my brain to function I need to eat pickles. This is a fact now.Β so I had to make more pickles. and I love the duckies πŸ™‚Brunch at home: sweet potato and corn hash with eggs easy overRoasting chicken like I know what I am doing πŸ™‚The perfect roasted chicken for our Top Gun picnicPicnicking is fun!Bye πŸ™‚ for now πŸ™‚

and I will be back! that is a promise ❀